Peach’s on 47th


Hello Everybody! Here is your sporadic blog post from yours truly.

So recently I went to a new-ish south side restaurant, called Peach’s. Peach’s is located on the corner at 4652 S. King Drive. Now before going into the restaurant, I had never heard of it. I looked at the menu, online of course, and did some Instagram research, like a true millennial, to see what they had to offer. The food seemed very promising and the potential for Instagram content seemed abundant.

When you enter, you’re greeted by cute chalk board that for me brought back childhood memories. As you travel through the foyer you run into a cashier and the very open floorplan of Peach’s. On a late Wednesday morning, you had plenty of seating options; booths, tables, breakfast bar seating the place just seemed too cute. As I gazed around I saw phrases and breakfast puns plastered on the bright orange and green walls throughout the restaurant. There was makeshift kitchen to the right of the cashier that resembled an older kitchen. I then stumbled upon the large green chalk board wall in the back that had a drawing of a tree and some words about black history month.

The price for the food was very reasonable ranging between $10 and $20. I ordered a platter that included a 6oz steak, house potatoes, eggs, and French toast. The food was so delicious! The steak was juicy while it was still well done, the potatoes seasoned so well, the eggs so tasty, and the French toast? Didn’t event last 3 minutes they were so flaky, soft and flavorful. In all honesty, I think I gobbled the food down in like 5 minutes it was a little embarrassing to say the least. My meal totaled $15 with tax, which I thought to be great.

The service was pretty ok, the atmosphere definitely reminded of a family members kitchen. They waitress’s demeanor was very welcoming and family like. They also made sure that everything was good and that all my needs were taken care of. The cashier and waitress were also very helpful suggesting things that I should photograph it was a refreshing to get nice service in a newer place.

Before leaving I spoke to two other people who were dining in the restaurant.

24 year-old Tyler Gaston, a Bronzeville resident, said that it was her first time in the restaurant and that she was pleased at how delicious the food was. Gaston, also ordered the platter with steak but got pancakes instead of French toast. “This was a deal you’re getting a decent amount of food for a price you can’t beat” said Gaston.

The other person I spoke with was Lauren Hightower, a south side resident, she visited the restaurant and said that the food was amazing and that she could see herself revisiting the restaurant frequently.


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